Kundali Matching for Marriage

Kundali Matching for Marriage


By Shree Durga Jyotish

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Are you planning to marry soon? Then you must be thinking of Kundli matching with your partner. Whenever there is an arranged marriage, the kundli is matched first then the Rishta is taken forward. In the case of a love marriage, it is just the opposite. Still, you can figure out your astrological compatibility with your partner through Kundli matching. Our Kundli Matching Services are designed to find your best match and find any serious issues with the kundli.

Why is Kundli matching important?

According to Hindu Shastra, Kundli matching is important before marriage because it tells about the gunas present in both boys and girls. Well, there are remedies for some problems but not all. If the gunas are not matched well, it can be dangerous to get married to that person. 

Kundli matching by date of birth

The most common way to match Kundli is by date of birth. With the help of your birth details or the Kundli itself, the match can be done easily. Your Kundli has all the details of gunas present in your according to your birth time. Our Pandit G.P.Joshi will consider kundli of both the boy and girl and tell about the matching Gunas. According to astrology, there are 8 Kootas which sums up to 36 gunas.

Kundli Milan or Gun milan Chart












Grah Maitri









This sums up to 36 points which are the number of gunas matching with each other. If the number is good, then the pair is considered a good match; otherwise, not. There are some exceptions as well, but the common practice of Kundli matching is the same. In our Kundli Matching Services, you can expect clarity, consciousness and expertise.

Why choose us?

Even if the pair have chosen themselves as a match but the Kundli does not say so, we make it clear with them. We try to find remedies that can make them get married because love is not the only thing that matters. There will be other hurdles in the path of life, and if the pair does not have a good Kundli matching, then it can be a problem. Our services are customised for all of you because every person has a different kundli, and while matching them, the consequences will be different. That is why the services are different. Since we are available online, it is easier for you to reach us with the kundli. We know a kundli should have only one copy, but in the digital world, we can have images of the kundli. After reading and matching the kundli, we make sure to delete the information as we don’t want to affect it in any situation.

What if the match is not perfect?

There are 36 Gunas according to Hinduism, and a couple can get married if at least 18 gunas are matched well. In some cases, people get married even if the number is 16 or 17. Number is not considered a good match. Some probable remedies can be followed; otherwise, the marriage should not be taken forward. Irrespective of these factors, some couples with fewer gunas matched get married and live a happy married life, and some with good matching gunas turn into a divorce. Kundli can tell a lot, but the compatibility and adjustability between the couple sometimes can turn the prediction. But those are rare cases, and that is why it is not preferred to take forward pair who has less number of matching gunas.

Avail the Kundli matching services today

Our Kundli Matching Services are just a click away. You can enjoy free Kundli matching through our website; for more precise and detailed Kundli Matching Services, we suggest you consult with our Astrologer. Book your appointment online and get online consultation. We have taken our services a level up, and now you can avail all our services online. Please book an appointment at your comfortable time and talk to our Astrologer. He will try to resolve all your problems and provide the best Kundli Matching Services. Don’t forget to check out our other services and make your life easy. Our Pandit G.P.Joshi is available to consult with you by appointment only. We encourage you to communicate with our executive if you have any queries.

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