The Solution To Common Problems Of Marriage

The Solution To Common Problems Of Marriage


By Shree Durga Jyotish

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Marriage comes with a lot of pros and cons. From good memories to trying times, it has a lot to offer. When two people come together and unite in marriage, they commit to each other that both of them need to keep. Usually, when problems in marriage arise, Both the spouses need to work together. Common problems get ignored because people's priorities differ from one another. However, it is not impossible to fix a rough patch in your marriage if you know our Marriage problems solution specialist Pandit G. P. Joshi, who has a remedy for any marriage related concerns, believes a majority of these issues can be easily fixed.


Difference In Life Stages

Couples with a significant age gap don’t share the similarities in life. One of the spouses could be on the verge of promotion while the other one is barely getting started in their career. This gets in the way of proper understanding between couples. Personalities change as people grow older, and this can also create disagreements between spouses. They might no longer be the same person a few years down the line. In a situation like this, it’s essential to seek comfort from one’s partner and verbalize these matters to be on the same page and support each other.


Money Matters

Supporting one’s significant other is an essential step in a successful marriage. Sole providers in a marriage tend to go through a lot of hassle to be financially stable and secure. When both parties earn, and one of them earns less than the other, that also seems to be a cause to rise ego-related problems between the two. It’s either not enough money to spend or spending too much money for couples like such. Realizing that it’s a joint effort rather than a ride-along is the first step to fixing such a conflict. Discussing financial decisions & responsibilities with each other before attempting to go through with it can save one a lot of trouble.


Emotional & Sexual Infidelity

A lot of couples struggle to find intimacy and security in a relationship. When it’s a married couple, it’s believed that it should come naturally. However, spouses living in a joint family fail to find the time for each other and as a result experience a lack of intimacy, thus growing distant. Which later on results in them trying to seek comfort elsewhere. Being unfaithful to one’s significant other is quite a common issue and Marriage problems solution specialist pandit G. P. Joshi has a remedy for it. Finding time for each other & communicating is vital to maintaining a solid bond between couples, after all, the whole point of being married is to have a strong bond and to face things head-on.


Values and beliefs

Before marriage couples usually don’t discuss religious beliefs or minor differences in opinions and so on. After marriage, this particular issue can cause quite a fuss between the couples and their families. Having diversity in traditions and rituals can also get in the way of coming together with each other’s families. Knowing exactly how to solve it is something the couple need to do together instead of going their separate ways. Talking about values and beliefs beforehand can save a lot of conflicts later on.



One of the major concerns of a failing marriage is children. Wanting children and not being able to conceive can be a massive cause of distress. Couples who have been failing to have children can grow to harbor resentment towards each other. In various cases, children won’t solve the problems within the marriage, but when both of them are willing to become parents, the failure cuts deep. Alternatively, having children too early in the marriage can lead to less time with each other. As both spouses become busy with raising the kids, finding time for each other becomes a difficult task. Marriage problems solution specialist, Pandit G.P. Joshi can confirm your doubts and help you reestablish your intimacy with your significant other so you can lead a fruitful married life at ease.


Unrealistic Expectations

Before getting married, the idea of what one wants in married life is what sets a person's expectations. That is a wrong mindset to have when going into a marriage. Especially when one has to cater for the in-laws along with their partner. Realistically one should be open-minded about compromises & adjustments. Being too strong-headed in a marriage can tip over the balance and cause a world of problems to both the spouses. If not careful, this will result in the marriage failing horribly. One will end up hurting not only their significant other but also their families. Marriage problems solution specialist, Pandit G.P. Joshi has notable insight regarding this matter. They can achieve a good balance and happiness in their marriage.

We all want to find happiness and love in our marriages where we have a loving partner & fewer things to worry about. However, that level of smooth sailing can only be possible when the bond between two people is as secure as it can get. Compatibility is important & one should make sure to put in the right amount of effort to make it a successful marriage.

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