The Challenges of Love Marriage

The Challenges of Love Marriage


By Shree Durga Jyotish

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Marriage is a sacred bond between two people & a marriage built on the foundation of love is the most desired as we know them. You want to wake up beside your loving life partner every day feeling like the happiest person in this world.

But what happens when you and your spouse face problems in your marriage without knowing how to solve them? The endless arguments, lack of understanding & adjustment can be frustrating to go through every day. Knowing the cause helps to save the marriage, but how do you find the root of the issues? Here are some common problems people face in love marriages for you to know and avoid. Meet Love Marriage Specialist Pandit Ji , he will solve your problem.

Unfulfilled Expectations

Living with your husband/wife for the first time after you both get married is exciting. Usually, they do not realize that living together comes with its own set of troubles. Your expectation comes from your idea of how it should be, but slowly you realize it is not the same. Lack of duty, sense & maturity in their spouse causes resentment. Having to face this hard truth creates stress & starts arguments. This might not seem like a big problem at first, but later on, it turns into a huge issue.

Disapproving In-Laws

A marriage not only consists of two people, but it also includes their families at times. Sometimes it is hard to get along with your in-laws, especially if you marry against their will. According to Love Marriage Specialist Pandit Ji, one of the most common problems people face in their love marriage is not having the approval of the family members, which then leads to a broken marriage.

Lack of Communication

One might not know what their loving partner is feeling or why they are upset. Couples with poor communication from the beginning will find it challenging to resolve issues. Soon after, it turns into petty fights & blaming each other for trivial matters. As time goes on, they will become tired of these fights. Issues like these build a wall of distrust, lack of respect & they become hopeless. Couples who face this without a solution experience a loss of love between themselves.

Horoscope Match

Your spouse is someone you should be compatible with since love marriages give you the option to know them well before you both decide to tie the knot. It is important that both your stars align and create a desired, strong-suited bond. Love Marriage Specialist Pandit Ji says that the position of the stars in your birth chart must match with the possible partner perfectly for them to have a successful love marriage. Not marrying the right person despite being in love is one of the well-known causes of failed love marriages.

Financial Matters

Couples often come from different financial backgrounds. In love marriages, the prime focus is love. Young married couples do not realize that a strong marriage needs more than love to support itself. These concerns might not be the priority at first, but they put your love marriage at risk. Money matters, and soon after they realize it, problems arise. Different financial states usually create ego problems that can be inevitable. If the spouses do not consult each other before making a financial decision, that can create a ripple in their peaceful flow. Even the families of such spouses may not get along due to monetary differences. Rather than fixing it, they might start arguing over such matters. In the end, they become bitter towards each other. The passion between them will be long gone, and before they know it, their marriage will have failed.

Differences in Belief

In the dating period, a discussion about religion between couples is rare. This is another reason they will fail to get approval from their family or struggle to coexist later on. After marriage, a lot of holidays and family traditions are left behind due to this very reason. In many married couples, religion can become an important issue in their marital relationship as it is a vital part of their daily life. If they both aren’t on the same page, just love might not make the marriage work.

Setting on an important journey such as marriage needs proper guidance, and that’s where Love Marriage Specialist Pandit Ji can help you. Having the right balance helps out in making love marriages a fruitful reality.

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